Parish Home

At St. Thomas School, our Catholic faith is at the foundation of all that we do. Christian values are woven into daily school life, with religious instruction a regular part of the curriculum and the ongoing development of your child’s faith at the forefront of our teaching.

Religious Instruction

St. Thomas students in every grade receive daily classroom instruction in the tenets of Catholicism. Religion classes are taught by your child’s regular grade level teachers, helping students see examples of Christianity in action. Beyond the specific religion class, prayer and service are in integral part of the school. Each classroom starts every day with a prayer, making sure to include any special intentions for those in need.

Faith Development

In addition to classroom instruction and the sacraments, St. Thomas fosters an environment where your child’s faith comes to life. Throughout the school year, each grade sponsors an All School Mass. This provides every child an opportunity to more fully participate—and therefore understand — the Church community. Beginning in 5th grade, students have the opportunity to become altar servers assisting the priests when saying Mass. Students know the priests and the nun because they are an active part of many school activities—from helping to teach religion courses to assisting in the lunchroom. Most importantly, each day St. Thomas students have time for prayer and quiet reflection to further enrich their relationship with God. To demonstrate their faith, St. Thomas students also develop a keen sense of what it means to serve others. Every year, older students are paired with younger children to become Prayer Pals,teaching children that it's their responsibility to help look after one another. Also, each grade sponsors at least one service project per year. From canned food drives to writing letters for shut-ins, St. Thomas students are inspired to serve others and put their faith into action. At St. Thomas School, we not only build your child’s academic skills, but also develop their Christian values and Catholic faith. Become part of our faith-based community today where,together, we’re building the leaders of tomorrow.