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Character Education/Advisory Program

EMAC or Everyone Matters and Counts is a faith-based character education class offered to all 5-8 grade students. The class is an extension of the “Steps to Respect” program offered in grades 3-4.

Topics included in EMAC are presented through the mediums of stories, role-playing, discussions, and personal journals. The virtues of respect, forgiveness, trust, and tolerance are core values of our faith and moral teachings and are revealed through age-appropriate lessons and activities for middle school students.

In grades 5-6, students explore topics dealing with respect, fairness, empathy, acceptance, self concept, values, integrity, and courage. Each homeroom meets for a total of 12 sessions throughout the year for presentations, discussions and activities.

In grades 7-8 students visit the topics of self-identity, relationships, stereotypes, first impressions, perceptions, gossip, stress, and the effects of the media on self image. Each homeroom meets for a total of 14 sessions throughout the school year for presentations, discussions, and activities.

In addition to EMAC each 7-8 student is paired with a mentor teacher - someone other than his/her homeroom teacher. Each advisor meets periodically with her advisees to discuss grades, extra-curricular activities, or any personal concerns and issues that the student wishes to discuss. The intent of the program is to offer our students additional support and one-on-one interaction with an adult. Junior High Advisory meets once a quarter for a group activity to help develop a sense of team work to achieve a goal.