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Students (Pre-3, Pre-K, Kindergarten - 6th grade) meet once a week for 30 minutes for music class. During this time, students work on a variety of musical activities - some that span all grades and some that are more age specific.

Our Pre- 3 and Pre-K students work on exploring their singing voice and becoming independent singers. We play with instruments, dance, and sing lots of fun songs! They work on steady beat and other introductory elements of music (high/low, loud/soft, etc..)

Our Kindergarten - 6th grade students continue to develop their musicianship through many activities. They learn to read rhythms, notes on the treble and bass clef, and other musical notation. They continue to develop their singing voices as independent singers, and also learn about instrument families, different musicians and composers, and many other aspects of music. Students play instruments, learn dances, and sing lots of songs!

As the students get older, they continue to work on reading music and rhythms and start to add more complicated aspects of music. They start singing in harmony and singing independent parts. They look at music history and the relationship between music and different cultures and study different musical periods and styles.

St. Thomas was extremely fortunate this year to acquire a set of ukuleles! The older students have the opportunity to learn these wonderful instruments. They learn basic chords and play many folk songs. Students also have the opportunity to learn to tune the ukuleles and basic maintenance for the instruments. Along with learning to play the instruments, they learn to read the ukulele music. They also work on singing songs while accompanying on the ukuleles.

All students prepare for monthly All School Masses, and our K-4th graders perform in our annual Christmas Sing. Pre-3 and Pre-K also prepare for their own Christmas programs.

Overall in music class, students work on basic music skills. The goal of the music program at St. Thomas is to provide students with an understanding of music that will aid them in future musical endeavors and create an appreciation for music in students that will last a lifetime!