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Anti-Bullying Program

St. Thomas the Apostle prides itself in educating the whole child. In third and fourth grade, we offer an eight week Steps to Respect program which is an anti-bullying program. This program is taught by our Student Advisor and incorporates the learning of terminology related to bullying, cause and effect of respect/disrespect, preventative measures and reporting techniques for bystanders. Role playing and non-fiction videos are used as tools to reinforce the values of this program as well as to educate the students in identifying the “powers” associated with bullying behaviors. Coupled with Christian values as well as an understanding of tolerance and empathy for others, the lessons, worksheets, activities, and personal sharing opportunities help to create a confidence in our children. They gain an appreciation that every one of God’s children is an important person in our our universe! Standing up to bullying and to disrespectful behaviors is possible after this course. In addition to this program, we offer an 8 week class to every student in grades 5-8 expanding on Character Education and Self respect.

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